Announcing the Small Business Account: Be one of our first customers


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In the June issue of Tech Mag, our CEO, David Liu spoke about the big, hairy, audacious goal that has been driving the Truevo team. 

How can we make the age of big data accessible to business owners? 

We’ve spent the year working on this problem and have built a product to solve it. And now, we’re very thrilled to announce that we’re ready to start onboarding our beta customers!

Be one of the first businesses to start using the business account that will help you grow your business with data. As one of the first businesses to test our new Small Business Account, we’ll reward you with a card machine free for 3 months, a debit card and a business portal.

Join the waiting list.

The problem with business solutions today

Talking to business owners across the world has made one thing clear: business owners are BUSY! 

There are always a hundred different things that you have to worry about. Customers, online stores, social media, payment methods, invoices, suppliers, staff, taxes – the list goes on, and on, and on… 

Luckily for you, we’ve been working on a solution that brings all of your payment information into one easy to manage portal, so that you can get back to business. Literally. 

Where you go to pay and get paid

Your Truevo Business Portal is the be-all and end-all when it comes to payments:

  • From your portal you can order your card machine, so you can start accepting payments in-store. 
  • You can set up payments for your online store with one of our easy-to-install plugins.
  • And you can order debit cards for you and your staff members.
  • Spend less on transaction fees; for every euro spent on your debit card, receive an equal amount in free card processing.

This means that you can accept and keep track of all incoming payments. Whether that’s in-store or online. It’s not just incoming payments, it’s outgoing too. By setting up debit cards for you and your staff, you can keep track of all business expenses all in one place.

All of this information is available in one easy-to-use portal. You can stop flipping between banking apps, accounts and online stores, and start using all of this information to build your business. 

Where does your business make the most sales? Boost those channels ?

Which staff members bring in the most money? Celebrate them ?

What expenses take up most of your income? Cut unnecessary costs ✂️

This is just the beginning

You build businesses from the ground up. You start things and grow things, and we want to learn from you. We want to use your experience and feedback to build a product that really works for you

Why are we giving away our product for less? Because we need your feedback! We’re working to build the best financial product for small businesses and you’ll help us with the feedback to make it just right!

You’ll have free access to the portal, card machine and debit cards during the whole testing process. In exchange, we’d like to chat with you to get feedback and ideas, so we can build a great product, together. 

Join the waiting list

If you’re interested in the Truevo Business Account, please fill out this form and join our waiting list. We’ll let you know as soon as a spot opens up for your business.

We’re excited to start working with you to create something special!

“The Truevo Small Business Account is going great. I love the different staff accounts and that it automatically logs you out. I think it’s brilliant and saves confusion of who’s logged in. Also, how fast it connects is brilliant.” 

Stacey Collins, Owner of Shear Creations, co. Tipperary

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