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2022 04 19 ecommerce business podcasts

If you know where to look, you can learn anything on the Internet today. Following our blog article on the Top Five Business Podcasts, we take a deep dive into ecommerce podcasts to bring you the best of the best. Join us on this journey of discovery and growth. Let’s get right into it. 

A better lemonade stand (ABLS)

Richard Lazazzera started an ecommerce brand Finch Goods Co from scratch and documented the whole process. It makes for gripping listening and provides listeners with practical advice. It’s a gem with the complete marketing journey from #TheGreatBuild to its revenue and outcomes. You’ll also find useful information if you’re in the fashion and clothing industry in How to Start a Clothing Line: Your Complete Guide to Design, Sampling, Production and Packaging

Ecommerce Fuel

The Ecommerce Fuel podcast presented by Andrew Youderian is a highly respected podcast that comes with a very selective community. Written from his own experience, Andrew shares practical insights on how to build and grow a seven-figure online store. You’ll find episodes that cover topics from Marketing your store to Should you Grow by Buying Another Business, profiles on ecommerce business owners, operations and much, much more. 

Get Elastic

Ranked by The Wall Street Journal, AdAge, and PostRank, Get Elastic is a podcast you can’t afford to miss. Presented by Linda Bustos, Get Elastic covers various use cases from B2B to Omnichannel and everything in between. The podcast also categorises content according to industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods, automotive, retail and telecommunications. 

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas has released an episode a day for a couple of years. He’s now one of the biggest names in the podcast industry, with more than a whopping 2 000 episodes. He publishes a monthly income report on how successful your podcast can be. Topics include a series of ‘How to’ casts on building podcasts and earning revenue. He also covers ecommerce, business and lifestyle and shares what’s working, what’s not, and what’s possible. A must listen if you want to grow. 

Nerd Marketing

Host Drew Sanocki created a series of podcasts that have been equated by Ecommerce Fuel to getting an MBA without paying for it. He’s a very entertaining host and covers topics that provide clear, actionable, data-driven strategies to grow ecommerce businesses. Have a listen and subscribe, you won’t regret it. 

Digital Commerce 360

Internet is Digital Commerce 360’s podcast that caters for listeners who love data. Their professional-looking podcast page reads like a business news channel. Get your daily dose of data, insights, research and events calendars from this highly professional team. 


Inflow is an ecommerce digital agency working out of Denver in the US. They specialise in SEO, AdWords, paid advertising and inbound marketing and share insights gained from running campaigns for clients like Earthkind and America’s Test Kitchen and various other big brands. These guys don’t need to fake anything since they’ve made it in the ecommerce world. Listen and learn from them to find out what works. 

Qode Magazine

We’ve gone a little outside of the norm with this pick. Although the podcast is not about ecommerce per se, it does focus on all things WordPress. Qode Magazine provides design inspiration for online shops, practical how-tos, plugins, and advice on managing and running a WordPress store. Written by Qode Interactive, creators of some of the bestselling WordPress themes, The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce is a great example that will get your creative juices flowing.

Ecommerce means business

The Ecommerce Times does what it promises on the tin. This podcast is frequently updated by industry professionals and experts and will provide you with the latest insight and happenings in the world of techno giants and how they’re progressing in their ecommerce journey. It costs a pretty penny to be featured on the cast. So if you’re not a techno giant you might want to look at the next podcast instead. 

Rethink Retail

Presented by Rob Sauermann this podcast takes a look at all things retail and how to build a brand internationally. Categories include retail, luxury brands and events. Rethink Retail uses an advisory council to provide insight and advice on niche industries. They also publish a spotlight on industry vendors and what makes them distinct. Well worth the listen and follow.  

Speaking about journeys. Truevo has recently decided to go on our own podcast journey. We’ve called it #TruevoTalks. You can find all our previous episodes here. If you want to talk to us about payments, you can do so here, we can’t wait to hear from you.    

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