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The Building Blocks of a Successful Ecommerce Team

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There is no straightforward path to success in ecommerce; algorithms seem to change faster than it takes to adapt to them. Thankfully, there are some surefire ways to build success in your team. Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort and patience, but by cultivating an authentic culture at work, you’ll reap a happier, healthier team. 

Building Block #1: Investment

If you put the time and effort into making new joiners to your team feel welcome, valued, and appreciated, they will return the favour and dive right in. From the start of their career journey with you, try to put as much genuine investment into the relationship as you can. According to this study, “great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%.” Put your best foot forward, and get your journey together off to an excellent start. 

Building Block #2: Involvement

Millions of people are still working from home, and it may be that this remote dynamic continues in some form for the long haul (who doesn’t like wearing their slippers to meetings, am I right?). Of course, that means that employees are no longer physically involved at work, making it easier to disengage if they aren’t woven into the fabric of the team. So, be intentional about getting to know your employees with personal video calls, interest in their lives and hobbies, and building rapport in meetings. 

Building Block #3: Goals

If you aren’t building towards something together as individuals and as a company, then we’re all just a bunch of people pressing plastic keys all day. Helping people strive towards a vision is an excellent motivator and way to keep morale up. Working as a team to meet shared goals and working as individuals to reach personal goals is imperative. Meeting and surpassing goals encourages growth and excitement, and failing to meet goals is a good way to practice reflectivity, develop understanding, and identify weak spots that could do with specific attention. 

Building Block #4: Collaboration

We touched on it above, but working together for the shared realisation of goals and ideas is crucial for building a strong company culture. Once people’s missions become aligned and the success of one becomes the success of all, collaboration becomes a powerful tool for connection. Set pairs and groups of people shared tasks and let them run with them, enabling the team to get to know each other better through a common goal. 

Building Block #5: Empathy

Beyond employees or managers or interns, we are all simply people. And people come fully loaded with emotions, personalities, weaknesses, and strengths. No matter where you fall on the team’s spectrum, allow yourself to be a person on your team; share real stories, ask for help, and ask questions. When your team feels personally connected and invested in each other through honest and open communication, you’ll all be much better off.

These may seem like tricky things to instil in a team, but as always, there’s a tool that can help.

Introducing: Hi5

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This interactive and intuitive platform allows team members to motivate each other through recognition and reward for work well done. Hi5 is bursting with cool and powerful features, take a look through and see for yourself.

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