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How Tech Is Opening the Age-old Sport of Golf to a Broader Audience

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Get Into the Swing of Golf with TruevoTalks

Golf Swing Systems Ltd caters to the increasing popularity of indoor golf studios for PGA Professionals at golf courses, indoor coaching studios and the wider Golfing Community at all experience levels.
With 20 years of experience, Golf Swing Systems are the experts  in Launch Monitor systems, Video Coaching systems, Biomechanical Systems and Training Aids that are currently available.

Keep your head down and play the ball

Marketing manager Alex O’Brien tees off the podcast by explaining that the business model of Golf Swing System covers a wide range of products. “We sell everything from low-cost training to expensive golf technology and golf cabins. We provide clients with everything from start to finish. You could say we’re even in the building industry because we also build golf cabins.”
Golf Swing Systems is a typical small business that has grown to occupy almost all the gaps in a very niche market. Typically smaller companies don’t have big marketing teams. Alex explains that he does everything, from product development and demos to maintaining their ecommerce website. “I just put my head down and focus on the task. My daily tasks are almost as diverse as our target markets. Stereotypically golf is associated with rich old men. After the pandemic, our market has diversified to include men, women and even children from all backgrounds. Because you can work on your game at home, you can live and play anywhere. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to join a club in a luxury suburb.” Another benefit of practising with a Golf Swing System is maintaining or even improving  your handicap. You don’t have to play endless games to do that. It is one of the factors that has opened the game up to more people.

I know a good club. Do you want to swing?

Even golf clubs have changed. “The big brands used to sell their golf clubs for excessive amounts of money. Today you can buy unnamed versions of the same technology. So people have access to better clubs, better technology and better training. Alex talks about the importance of social media. “Speaking of clubs. Where golfers used to join clubs in the real world at a considerable  cost, they now join clubs online. These are training clubs with golfers providing very detailed instruction on YouTube, for instance. It’s a bit like the @Gymshark programme on Instagram. It’s a referral programme inviting  people to beat our pro using the simulator. It also involves a commission if there’s a sale. Alex explains the business model and how you can further engage your audience in testing your products in the podcast.

The 19th hole 

All golf games include a 19th hole, where most golfers get stuck regularly. Playing online or on a simulator is no different, it seems. Alex talks about the role of community in their product. “We sell much more than simulators and golf products. We sell a community. Nothing is  as good for your mental health as knowing you’re part of something bigger than yourself. You can connect with golfers across the globe from the comfort of your own golf room or cabin. Another factor that our golf systems address is the weather. You can play on the simulator come rain or shine. In England and across Europe, that’s quite a benefitfor your game and your mental health.

From bricks to clicks 

The discussion moves to the Golf Swing System ecommerce site.”The user experience or UX of our site is very different for high and low-end products. A training module selling for £5 needs a user experience with as few clicks as possible. You want to get the customer to the product they want and through the site to check out as quickly as possible. Your payment gateway needs to work fast and process the transaction securely. When you look at a simulation product, it is very different. You want the user to spend as much time as possible learning about the product and even booking a demonstration.” Alex discusses how they achieve that and much more in this episode of #TruevoTalks.

You can listen to the whole podcast on Spotify or watch below:

Saskia Schuldig
Saskia Schuldig
Content Marketer at Truevo Payments
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