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2021 FIAU Appeal Press Release


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FIAU appeal press release

Truevo Payments Limited (“Truevo”) acknowledges receipt of the decision letter of the Malta Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (“FIAU”) whilst noting that it strongly disagrees with the findings contained therein.

Truevo, as a regulated entity, subject person and principal partner of Visa and Mastercard, has always been – and will remain – committed to and will remain committed to comply with its AML/CFT legal obligations as well as adopting international best practices. As Truevo’s business has continued to grow and expand, it shall continue to work tirelessly to ensure compliance at all times.

Truevo therefore confirms that it has appealed the decision of the FIAU. Truevo will continue to provide the best possible service to its customers whilst maintaining strong compliance with its regulatory requirements and remain in constant communication with the regulatory authorities to clarify any outstanding matters. 

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