Send cash straight to cards

Transfer funds to over a billion eligible Mastercard and Visa cards with Original Credit Transactions (OCTs).

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The easy way to send international payments

Send funds, refunds or disbursements straight to cards. OCTs use Visa Direct and Mastercard Moneysend services so you can reach cardholders across the world. Pay businesses or individuals from afar just as easily as you would locally.

Use OCTs for all your direct card payment needs

oct payout uses

Pay gig workers

Give corporate or manufacturing rebates

Reimburse expenses

Reimburse insurance claims

Pay suppliers or affiliates

Send government disbursements (such as VAT refunds)

Why send OCTs?


Transactions to issuing banks supporting Fast Funds receive payments within 30 minutes.


Transfer funds to 200 countries and in 120 currencies.


By using Visa and Mastercard’s existing networks, payments are transferred securely.

How does it work?

Pay funds into your Truevo account. Send the full amount of the payout you’d like to send.

Send the transaction details to Truevo through our secure API.

Truevo sends it to issuing banks to process through Visa OCTs or Mastercard Moneysend services.

Your recipient receives your OCT in 30 minutes or less.

*If the issuing bank supports the Fast Funds feature. Most banks do.