Truevo Delivers Big Cost Savings for Online Card Transactions

 In E-Commerce

Malta-based card acquirer Truevo Payments (previously Swish Payments), provides European e-commerce merchants with an affordable, all-in-one online card payment service, including card acquiring, transaction processing, fraud screening, and full back office.

“It is our intention to provide merchants with an efficient alternative to the more traditional acquiring solutions provided by banks”, says Steve Grech, company CEO.

Grech explains that as a licensed Financial Institution and principal member of Visa and Mastercard, Truevo is uniquely positioned to reduce its direct acquiring costs and accelerate the merchant boarding process.

In addition to speed and cost savings, Truevo also provides its clients with far-reaching security advantages. Merchants who are not PCI compliant can make use of Truevo’s Payment Widget solution, which allows the merchant to embed a hosted payment page within their own website. As the merchant would not need to handle or transmit sensitive card data, the Payment Widget minimises their PCI compliance requirements.

The solution can be easily integrated with a range of third-party e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop, to name a few. Payment forms can be customised to match the design of the merchant’s website, creating a seamless shopper experience that boosts conversion rates.

Merchants who are willing to maintain their own PCI compliance can make use of Truevo’s Server-to-Server API, whereby the merchant’s system securely collects and transmits payment data to Truevo’s servers for processing.

Truevo also offers a Mobile POS solution for merchants that need to accept card present payments from various locations. This enables Truevo merchants to benefit from the security of taking card payments through Chip & PIN.

With a Truevo merchant account, merchants can accept seamless and secure card transactions in an efficient manner and receive their funds in any EU bank account.

For more information about other Truevo payment solutions, or to apply for your Truevo merchant account, visit

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