Let's get started

Please complete your details below to start your Truevo application. Click here to see what you’ll need to complete your application.

Information you’ll need on hand

During the application process we will ask you a range of questions that will help us learn more about your business and your payment needs.

Business information

General information about your business like business name, registration number, address, industry, etc.

Processing information

Trading information, such as, processing volume, delivery period and regions in which you trade will be asked here.

Settlement information

IBAN or Sort code, you’ll need to give us your bank details. Registered businesses need to provide business bank details.

Director and UBO details

We’ll need each director and UBO’s general details, such as; full name, date of birth, nationality, country of birth, etc.

Documents you’ll need to submit

To make your application process as quick and smooth as possible we recommend you have the following documents ready. You’ll need these to submit your application.

UBO documents

Proof of identity and proof of home address of each Ultimate Beneficial Owner who owns 25% share or more.

Authorised signatory documents

Proof of identity and proof of home address of the Authorised Signatory, or person signing up for the account.

Business organogram

If your business is owned by another legal entity, and not by individuals, we’ll need a company organogram.

Processing history

Processing history for the last 6 months, from businesses who have accepted card payments before.