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Modern Payment Providers. What, Where, When and Why Truevo?

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We’ve been talking about podcasts and have finally arrived at our launch episode of TruevoTalks. We practise what we preach, and published a bank of podcasts prior to the launch to get some traction before continuing with regular casts twice a month. 

Let’s get to it. In this episode, Nick Dobson, VP of Sales and Business Development and Lauren Naylor, Product Specialist at Truevo, tell us what a modern payment provider looks like, what merchants want and why they should choose Truevo. 

End-to-end solutions 

In an age where we outsource everything, there are marked advantages to owning some of it. Technology is a good example. According to Nick Dobson, that’s what sets Truevo apart from other providers. “Because we own our own technology and develop iterations in-house, we can react to market changes and trends instantly. Our own people look after our own technology. It amounts to an end-to-end customer experience. At no point do we hand our merchants over to another provider. We can tailor-make our offering. It leaves merchants feeling they are not just a number on a list. We care about their businesses and want to grow with them.”

He expands and talks about a one-stop shop for payments. “Truevo combines in-person, online and virtual payment in one platform to make it easier for merchants to focus on their business and leave payments to us.”

What merchants want

The payment landscape in the UK is a complex one. Various providers offer various payment methods. Truevo has combined all of them in one simple to use platform that offers all the payment methods merchants want from all the payment schemes. It includes modern payment methods like Apple and Google pay. Truevo is a provider that can do everything for merchants in a simple and easy way. 

Nick elaborates on Truevo’s current clients; “We handle the gaming industry, several online retailers, home improvement businesses, banks, lenders, insurance providers and brokerages – just in a nutshell. You can see how diverse these are and how their needs are different. We’re not bogged down by traditional processes because we’re a FinTech. We can develop and iterate as fast as demand grows. Our success is because we understand the merchant requirements as well as customer requirements and we are flexible enough to meet those needs.” 

Truevo prides itself on the simplicity of integration and support. In the podcast, Lauren Naylor talks about the no-code movement and how the company caters for both code-savvy and no-code clients. 

Plugins and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

Lauren explains the difference between plugins and APIs. It boils down to plugins being a show-and-go product that plugs into websites powered by WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop. The integration is quick, simple, and easy and requires no code. The merchant can literally upload a document or data, and it integrates seamlessly. Direct APIs are more involved and complex. The merchant has full control over the payment process. The merchant has to handle customer data which comes with responsibilities and compliance requirements like PCI DSS. 

What makes Truevo different? 

Earlier this year, Truevo launched Card payouts. The product supports Mastercard and Visa MoneySend across Europe. It means merchants can send money in minutes (almost) to Visa and Master cardholders in 80 countries. They must however hold funds in a Truevo account from which they want to send. Nick cites an example of ecommerce businesses needing to refund their customers as soon as possible.  

Nick and Lauren talk about frictionless card payouts and how Truevo does it. Other topics covered in the podcast include payment trends, stored card features, the impact of Covid, Brexit and supply chain disruptions on buying habits and ecommerce. 

Have a listen, you won’t be disappointed. 

Saskia Schuldig
Saskia Schuldig
Content Marketer at Truevo Payments
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Disclaimer: This content has been written for informational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal or business advice.

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