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Payment assurance for insurance

Instantly send funds to settle claims and accept payments with a single payment provider. Plus get a powerful reporting tool with the Truevo Portal to track settlements and add unique references like policy numbers to payments.

One provider for all payment needs

Insurance claims require flexible end-to-end solutions. Accept and send money for car, travel, home and pet insurance with optimised transaction speeds and acceptance rates.


Near-instant payments

Skip the 5-7 working day waiting period and quickly send funds directly to billions of cardholders worldwide through Visa Direct and Mastercard Send in minutes.*


Enhanced reporting

Meet regulatory requirements with gross settlement reports and add unique policy number references to payments.

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A solution for your every need

Send money instantly

Settle your customers’ claims in minutes*, worldwide with rapid Card Payouts. We also leverage partnerships and processes to ensure money gets to where it’s intended fast.

*Transfer speed depends on the receiving financial institution, account type, and whether it’s domestic or cross-border.
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Simplified repeat payments

Let your customers save their card details on your website to make repeat payments instead of entering credentials every time they make a payment.

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Truevo Portal

Stay abreast of every transaction settlement and activity with daily, monthly and annual reports. Plus, you’re never alone with your dedicated team, available via email or phone 365-days a year or on live chat.

Why switch to Truevo

Competitive fees

Our transaction fee structure is tailored to your business and completely transparent. We improve your bottom line, not impact it.

Unrivalled support

With us, you’re never alone. Get ongoing support via phone, email or Live Chat on the Truevo Portal whenever you need it. Our team are ready to answer all your queries.

Next-day settlement

Depending on your business, we offer next-day settlements that will improve operational efficiency and put you ahead of your competition.

Accept over 150 currencies

Accept payments from anywhere globally and settle in GBP, EUR, or USD.

Quickest dispute resolution on the market

Receive chargeback notifications in near-real-time. Our system and team helps resolve chargebacks quickly.

Our customers say the nicest things

google reviews
Eric KingPartnerpay
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“Ive dealt with numerous card processing companies and these are by far the best for price, you get your money quickly and the compliance is the easiest procedure by far.”
Viktoria DobrevaViktoria Group Limited
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“Fantastic fast service and reply even in weekends! Definitely will recommend you to all my hundreds of friends and colleagues in London, UK.”
Kent VorlandSmartTrade App Ltd
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“I've known Truevo for quite some time and have had nothing but pleasant interactions with their company and team. Lovely, competent people, always open to help and discuss what can be done to get the best outcome in any given situation.”
Fred DarwenRedwood Utilities Ltd
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“Fantastic services, quick and efficient. Couldn't be happier.”

Get started with a payment provider that stands behind your business.

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