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Developer-free installation, server-to-server integration, and the highest level of security. Our ecommerce solutions are flexible and powerful, equipping you with everything you need to take payments online.

original credit transfer

Original Credit Transaction (OCT)

Send money straight to cards. OCTs use Visa Direct and Mastercard Moneysend services so you can reach cardholders across the world. Transfer directly to cardholders’ accounts in under 30 minutes.

virtual terminal

Virtual Terminal

This is a product available in our Business Intelligence Portal (BIP), and allows your customers to take payments without the cardholder present. Take care of all your MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) needs with this powerful solution.

Truevo also offers bespoke pricing plans for unique and high-volume businesses.

Become a Truevo Partner

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

We take good care of our PSPs with competitive rates, fast merchant onboarding, and attractive settlement terms. Our payment gateway is likely already integrated with yours, but if not, our integration is one of the quickest on the market.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs)

Your success is our success. We support ISOs with partner training, co-branded marketing materials, a competitive pricing structure, and quick merchant onboarding. Submit merchants anytime and anywhere with your own web portal.

Gateway Providers

Expand your business and service a larger customer base with our easy integration programmes. We provide technical support 100% of the way. Partner with Truevo and never turn down a merchant again.


This one’s a slam dunk. You do the introduction, we’ll do all the work.

client relationship manager

Partner benefits

We’re with you

Work directly with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager committed to making our relationship (and those with your clients) a success.

Integrate easily

Really! We have one API integration for all solutions, from Ecommerce to our Virtual Terminal to OCT.

Personalised pricing

We don’t offer cookie-cutter pricing because every business is unique. We take into account different metrics about your portfolio to create bespoke pricing that is specific to you.

No setup fees

We’ll run checks on each customer you bring in, and won’t charge you any PCI or non-compliance fees.

Flexible processing limits

We’re all about helping businesses grow. Flexible limits give merchants more freedom to increase their sales.

Monthly commission reports

Receive monthly commission reports detailing your merchants’ performance.

Merchant benefits

Quickest dispute resolution on the market

Your merchants will receive chargeback notifications in real time. We review and process merchant challenges in one day or less.

Oh no! Your merchant received a chargeback?

We’ll go to bat for them. We win 99% of chargeback cases.

Receive daily/weekly statements

We’ll send your customers daily or weekly statements depending on their settlement schedule.

Receive daily TDRs (Transactional Data Reports)

Your customers will also receive daily transaction reports and will have round-the-clock access to an online portal with more detailed transaction information.

Accept over 120 currencies

Accept payments from Amsterdam to Timbuktu and settle in EUR, GBP, and USD.

newgen payments ceo

Sunil Jhamb

WL Payments CEO

“Truevo shares our fast-paced, innovative approach. Companies say it, but it’s clear with Truevo. We integrated in 3 days. Usually, it takes weeks to months with other payment service providers to accomplish that.”

ixolit chief strategy officer

Gox Mailer

IXOLIT Group Chief Strategy Officer

“IXOPAY and Truevo share the same values when it comes to efficiency, security and innovations – things that our existing clients expect when they ask us for new processing solutions. Working with the Truevo team has always been and still is a breeze.”

arivpay ceo

Rajshankar Balasingham

Arivpay CEO

“We needed a POS solution for merchants in the UK which also provides e-commerce acquiring, and Truevo was our choice. Truevo sells the newest generation of terminals. Both merchant onboarding and settlement are quick. Truevo’s fees are clear.”

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