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Card payments, easy and secure

Accept tap, chip-and-PIN, swipe-and-sign transactions with our Card Machines. Safely and securely make payments across Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay anywhere and anytime.

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Functional and fast, from the light touch of the fingertips

Take your pick from our careful selection of swift processing Card Machines with convenient features.

PAX A920 card machine
PAX A920Pro card machine


We put functionality first. The large touchscreen allows payments to be accepted quickly and easily.

Receipt printer

The built-in receipt printer gives customers the choice to walk away with a receipt, if they’d like.

Connectivity options

Don't miss a sale due to no connection. Card Machines include a SIM card, so when you're not connected to Wi-Fi, you can use data to process transactions.

PAX A920 card machine
PAX A920Pro card machine

Powerful battery

The always-on Card Machines come with a powerful battery. Run time lasting for up to 10 hours. Sleep time around 300 hours.

Fast transactions

Its quad-core processor makes processing payments in a flash. Queues – what are those?

Accessories available

Get the most out of the Card Machines with accessories that take things up a notch.

PAX A920

The A920 comes in an elegant design with complete Android tablet features, along with an impressive POS payment terminal.

A920 pos payment
A920 card payment screen
A920Pro pos card payment
A920Pro payment options

PAX A920Pro

The PAX A920Pro is an upgrade of the A920. Designed with improved processing power, it has a bigger higher-resolution touchscreen.

Sunil Jhamb
Sunil JhambWLPayments CEO
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“Truevo shares our fast-paced, innovative approach. Companies say it, but it’s clear with Truevo. We integrated in 3 days. Usually, it takes weeks to months with other payment service providers to accomplish that.”
Gox Mailer
Gox MailerIXOLIT Group Chief Strategy Officer
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“IXOPAY and Truevo share the same values when it comes to efficiency, security and innovations – things that our existing clients expect when they ask us for new processing solutions. Working with the Truevo team has always been and still is a breeze.”
Rajshankar Balasingham
Rajshankar BalasinghamArivpay CEO
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“We needed a POS solution for merchants in the UK which also provides e-commerce acquiring, and Truevo was our choice. Truevo sells the newest generation of terminals. Both merchant onboarding and settlement are quick. Truevo’s fees are clear.”

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