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Who is Truevo?

Truevo is a multinational fintech company focused on changing the payments industry across Europe.  We’re doing that by designing solutions that encompass the payments value chain. We provide our clients with a single, service-oriented supplier for all their payments needs.

Truevo empowers businesses to accept Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay payments in over 150 currencies and receive settlements in the currency of their choice.

Whether businesses would like to accept payments online, in-store, in-app, or over the phone, we have a solution. We also help businesses send near-instant payouts to over a billion eligible Mastercard and Visa cards around the globe.

Products include card acquiring, a virtual point-of-sale terminal, payment gateway services, in-app payments, a smart point-of-sale (POS) terminal, and our payout solution. As a PCI-DSS Level 1 payment provider, transactions with Truevo adhere to the highest levels of security.

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Our mission

Our mission is Everything for Entrepreneurs.  We create simple, intuitive, user-friendly payment solutions that allow our clients to manage their payments effortlessly, so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Our story
began like this

Truevo’s story begins with our CEO, David Liu. Like our clients, Dave is an entrepreneur. His first business sold computer games and accessories online. Through this business, Dave found that setting up payment systems for businesses was not an easy or straightforward process. Through much trial and error, he began accepting payments online through his website but decided there was a market need for payment solutions for businesses like his. He set up his first payments company which today, forms part of the largest payment gateway in Africa.

Fast forward to 2013

Truevo’s first steps began when David was looking for an EU-based acquirer so that his South African-based payments company could expand into Europe. Right about this time, PSD came into effect and allowed tech companies to apply for financial licenses.  Instead of working with an acquirer, David decided to start one himself. Thus, we were born as Swish in Malta in 2013 with the intention to become an acquirer and started selling mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) products. Licensing takes time, and in 2016 Swish processed its first card-present transaction. We rebranded to Truevo (a contraction of True Evolution) in 2017 and pivoted to e-commerce acquiring.

Since the beginning, Truevo’s mission has been to create payment products for entrepreneurs. The goal of providing easy-to-use payment systems that make business owners’ lives easier is the thread which binds our team together and gets us out of bed in the morning.

Our timeline


Swish obtains Financial Institution license from the Malta Financial Services Authority


Swish opens its head office in Malta and becomes a principal member of Visa and Mastercard


Swish is fully licensed and processes its 1st card-present transaction


Swish rebrands as Truevo and pivots from mPOS to ecommerce acquiring


Truevo launches its Card Payouts solution


Truevo opens its UK office, and wins Mastercard's Market Shaker and MiGEA awards


Truevo launches its Point of Sale (POS) product and make it available to partners for resale


Truevo expands ecommerce solutions throughout the EU

Coming soon

Expense management and invoicing program integrations