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Need to transfer money quickly?

Send money straight to cards

Truevo partnered with Visa and Mastercard to offer you fast and easy payments to cards. Use Card Payouts for fast refunds, wages, and reimbursements.

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Welcome to the fast fund revolution

Card Payouts is a fast, convenient way to pay cardholders globally. Together with Visa Direct and Mastercard Send we ensure cardholders receive the payment within minutes, changing how we interact with payments forever.*

Here are just a few ways that Card Payouts with Visa Direct and Mastercard Send will speed up the way you send money:

cash gift

Send money

Do you want to reward a team member for a job well done? Pay bonuses straight to cards instead of waiting for payday.

insurance claims payouts

Settle insurance claims

Need to send emergency funds, delayed flight payments or to pay insurance claims? Send fast transfers to more than 80 countries, within minutes.*

Card Payouts Pay by Link

Pay by Link

Send a payment link to your recipients through email, SMS, WhatsApp or Slack, allowing them to enter their card details and receive payment to their card of choice.

fast refunds

Fast refunds

Instead of customers waiting 5-7 days for refunds, speed up the process. Pay them in seconds* so that they have more money to spend.

pay gig workers fast

Pay gig workers

Pay contract, gig, and seasonal workers as soon as the job is done, and not at the end of the month.

pay suppliers

Pay suppliers

Instant payments to more than 80 countries in 160 currencies. Pay suppliers, disbursements, VAT refunds and rebates instantly.

Fast, simple, secure, and cross-border


Transfer cash to cards that’s received within minutes.*


Card Payouts with Mastercard Send and Visa Direct make digital payments effortless and they integrate with services across the globe.


Transfer payments securely through Visa and Mastercard’s existing networks.


Over 80 countries enabled for real time or same-day cross-border Card Payout delivery.

How does it work?

Send funds to a bank account maintained by Truevo. Pay at least the full amount of the Card Payout you want to send.

Send the transaction details to Truevo through our secure API.

Truevo sends it to issuing banks to process through Visa Direct or Mastercard Send services.

Your recipient receives your Card Payout within minutes.*

*Transfer speed varies depending on receiving financial institution, account type and whether the transaction is domestic or cross-border.

Level up with Truevo

We’re your fast funds to cards payment solution backed by Visa Direct and Mastercard Send.

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