One card machine to rule them all

Tap, swipe, Chip-and-PIN and card-not-present payments. With this card machine, you can do it all. Say hello to your business’s little helper.

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0.8 to 3.9

That’s the number of cards carried per inhabitant in the European Union. If you don’t have a speedy, secure card machine, you’re missing out on some serious opportunities to cash in.​

Behold. The only card machine you'll ever need.​

Our Android-powered card machine processes payments in seconds, safely and securely, anywhere, at any time. And with our online portal, you get to be the captain of your own command centre. Use it to track sales, stay on top of customer trends and more.

Smart POS terminal


We put functionality first. The large touchscreen allows you to accept payments quickly and easily.

Receipt printer

The built-in receipt printer gives your customers the choice to walk away with a receipt, if they’d like.

Connectivity options

Your card machine comes with an optional, added SIM card and connects to your WiFi. Because missing a sale due to no connection is sooo last year.

Smart POS terminal

Powerful battery

Your always-on card machine comes with a 5250mAh Li-ion battery, lasting for up to 10 hours.

Fast transactions

Process payments in a flash with a Quad-Core Cortex A7 processor. Queues – what are those?

Accessories available

Get the most out of your card machine with accessories that take things up a notch.​

Start accepting card payments with Truevo today.​

3 Quick steps to getting your card machine.

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