Next-level Ecommerce Payments

We’ve gone from millions to billions in just a few years in terms of the number of customers shopping online. Get paid online with our simple ecommerce payment options – they’re built for easy integration, optimal speed and a Fort-Knox-esque level of security.

Visa payment
Mastercard payment
Maestro payment

Safety first

PCI DSS Compliant

We comply with the highest global data protection regulations.

3D Secure

Authenticate cards with 3D Secure to protect customers and prevent fraud.

We’ve got your back​

We have a dedicated team keeping an eagle eye on any irregularities.

Simple integration

Payment widget

If variables and algorithms aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – no coding is required to integrate our payment widget into your website. Copy and paste. That’s it.


The integration method allows for the details that cardholders submit on your website to be sent from your server to our server. PCI compliance is a requirement.

Payment plugins

Our online payment plugins work with some of the top ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop. Installed in under 15 minutes.

woocommerce logo

Over 140

That’s how many currencies you can accept ecommerce payments in, with Truevo. Broaden your horizons from Budapest to Bombay.

accept multiple currencies
card payment form

Custom online payment forms

Customise our responsive checkout form to match the vibe of your website and provide your customers with a seamless ecommerce experience. Easy-peasy.

Automated recurring billing

We’ve got you sorted with recurring billing for subscriptions, monthly instalments and account payments. Your customers only need to enter their details once. The rest is automated and completely safe. Enough with the tedious admin. Get automated with Truevo.

automated recurring billing

Get paid online with Truevo.

truevo account portal

Take the wheel

Proudly presenting our online portal. Call it the command centre, and you’re the captain of this ship. View your transaction history, compare and track your sales and refunds. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.