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  1. If you did not set up Pay by Link during onboarding, you will need to request it from Support or your account manager. 
  2. Generate a payment link through the MyTruevo portal or the MyTruevo API:
    1. Select the payment currency 
    2. Add the amount
    3. Set the expiry date
    4. Connect the transaction reference number 
  3. You can notify your customer through WhatsApp, SMS, email or Slack.
  4. Reminders are sent until the payment is completed or the link has expired. 

Customers are not required to share sensitive card information via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Slack. They are redirected from the payment link to a securely hosted payment page. Pay by Link is PCI-DSS compliant and supports 3D Secure v2.2 protocols.

Step 1: Log in to your MyTruevo Portal.
Step 2: Navigate to Conversion Booster.
Step 3: Navigate to Pay by Link.
Step 4: Search for the payment link you are looking for or filter by the date.
Step 5: Edit, disable or share the payment link via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Slack.

Yes, you can use Pay by Link to take the first payment from your customer(s) and securely save their card details. For manual subscriptions, a payment link will be automatically sent every billing cycle. The customer will need to accept the payment request manually via the link. For automated subscriptions, the customer will be billed automatically using their saved card.

Pay by Link now makes it even easier to send Card Payouts by allowing you to send a payment link through multiple channels. Your recipient can then securely enter their card details and receive their payment directly to their card within minutes.*

*Transfer speed depends on the receiving financial institution, account type, and whether it’s domestic or cross-border.

Yes, you can accept payments by sharing your payment link with customers through multiple devices or channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp or Slack.
Your customer cannot pay the wrong amount or edit the amount. They will not be able to cancel the payment. However, they will be able to close the page, which they can then open again.

The customer will need to provide the same card details that they utilise for regular payment processing. They will only need to provide these details once they have clicked on the payment link and the secure hosted payment page has opened.

You can access all transaction data and reports for Pay by Link via your Portal by logging in to your MyTruevo Portal. Navigate to Reports and then to All Transactions.

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