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Make a difference

When it feels like the world’s been flipped on its head, it’s good to remember that kindness always wins. At Truevo, we put our hearts into everything we do. And today, that means giving generously and thoughtfully to causes all over the world. Scroll through to read more about what makes our team tick. We encourage you to give of what you can to causes that matter to you, whether it’s your time, finances, or social reach. Together, we can all #makeadifference.


Employees donated


Total amount donated to charities


Charities supported

RMJs Horse Rescue

We save horses from slaughter for meat, or from neglectful owners and those who do not care and just want to get rid of them, or those with injuries, etc. Now you might ask, what else do we do? We organise horse riding, kids’ pony camps, small events with horses, horse therapy for people with disabilities, and many more.

Ariel Guivisdalsky

Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary

My name is Devon the dog and I come from the village of Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Malta. There was a time when I was a stray, but not anymore! But not all of us are so lucky… Some dogs are abandoned, neglected, and are still waiting for their forever home. For all of these dogs, there are some lovely people in the village who take care of them. They make sure that they have food, water, clean beddings, and vet visits. All of this care entails costs. The volunteers do their best but the help received is really making a difference. Thank you!

Stella Markou

Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary
Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

I would like to donate the MSPCA which is a fantastic organisation for animals. They have helped thousands of animals here and even for those which came to Malta. My cat was abandoned by people who were involved in the illegal breeding of animals and threw a few little kittens to their fate. People often act terrible but luckily we have those who have good hearts and can love and help animals.

Joanna Mieczkowska

Donated to Malta SPCA
Puttinu Cares
Autism South Africa

I have a younger brother with autism. In the beginning we all had no idea what it was, but eventually we ended up at a specialist who could help us. My mom has been and still is SO dedicated to let my brother live a life he can enjoy to the fullest, so much so that they emigrated to the Netherlands. There’s an amazing place there that helps people like my brother, giving them jobs and a safe space to interact with others and also learn much more. My brother has grown so much ever since they went there two years ago.

Christo Nel

Donated to Autism South Africa
GBSCIPD Foundation International
My grandmother has both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and we have been told she has maximum a couple of months, maybe even weeks to live. Most weekends I do the commute from the south to the north of the UK to spend what time I have left with her. In my culture though (Hindu) we say, “This is not the end.” And when the time comes, I shall say, “Until we meet again, Grandma.” Thank you Truevo for putting something so meaningful together.

Subrina Lattanzi

Donated to Parkinson’s UK
Gift of the Givers

I am genuinely moved by this generosity and have decided to double the donation amount and split it between two foundations, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation & Id-Dar tal-Providenza. This pandemic has turned upside down the lives of many people, some (or rather many) have lost their jobs, leading to housing issues and not having enough money to make ends meet and provide adequate food for all the family, even here in Malta. And thinking of myself ever being in such a situation, I would certainly be grateful of such foundations providing food, shelter, and hospitality for myself and my family, hence my decision to donate to these causes.

Roderick Muscat


Joseph and Toya, my grandparents, always made an impression on whoever they met. Their impact on me is the most significant force in my life. They were holocaust survivors. They met at the most horrific concentration camp of them all, Auschwitz. After the war ended, they found each other again and moved to Israel, built a great life but always had that dreadful number tattooed on their arm as a reminder. There are not many holocaust survivors left, some of them are suffering extreme poverty and don’t have families to support them. Meir-Panim is my cause of choice.

Maya Liepaz

Donated to Meir-Panim
Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

South Africa was rocked by violence and looting in 2021, bringing suffering to the most vulnerable. During the chaos and subsequent fallout, many have taken their feelings of helplessness and turned them into helping wherever they can. One organisation I have great respect and ongoing support for is Gift of the Givers. They are often first to arrive to help communities in need no matter what crisis arises next. They truly make a difference.

Daryn Louw

Donated to Gift of the Givers