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How it works


Truevo makes it easy for anyone to accept card payments using a smartphone or tablet!


Enter the purchase amount.


Swipe or insert the customer’s card into the Chip-and-PIN card terminal.


For PIN transactions, the customer securely enters their PIN into the card terminal’s built-in keypad.


The payment is processed within seconds and a receipt is sent to the customer via email or text message.

Mobile POS features

Inventory Made Easy

Create a product catalogue for a seamless checkout flow, in-store or on-the-move.

Electronic Receipts

Conveniently send electronic receipts to your customers via email or text message.

Back Office Features

Get a clear view of your sales performance, search for transactions, issue refunds and much more…

Truevo mPOS App Features

Card Payment Terminal

The built-in magstripe and chip card readers allow you to accept a wide range of cards.

Secure PIN Entry

Your customer can securely enter his/her PIN into the terminal’s touch keypad.

Fully Certified

The Truevo card terminal is CE, EMV Level 1, Level 2 and PCI PTS (SRED) certified.

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Edit Inventory Mobile POS App

Edit inventory

The Truevo app now allows anyone to easily create a point of sale product catalogue on your iOS or Android mobile device.

You can add your own product categories and edit individual product details like names, prices, images, set discounts and mark popular products as favourites!

Seamless checkout

The user-friendly POS interface lets you effortlessly flip between product categories, discounts, and favourites, making it possible to add all of your customer’s purchase items to their basket at lightning speed.

You can also add a “Custom Amount” to the basket at any time, or switch the “Product Lookup” setting off if you’d prefer to enter the purchase amount manually at all times.

Truevo mPOS Tablet Register

Quick & easy payment

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Add Products to Basket

Add Products to Basket

The merchant taps on the customer's selected purchase items to add them to the checkout basket.

If the “Product Lookup” setting is switched off, they may enter the purchase amount manually.

Select Payment Type

Select Payment Type

They then choose between cash or card payment options.

Swipe or Insert Card

Swipe or Insert Card

The merchant swipes or inserts the customer’s card into the card terminal.

Customer Enters PIN

Customer Enters PIN

For PIN-based transactions, the customer securely enters their PIN into the card terminal’s built-in keypad.

Send Electronic Receipt

Send Electronic Receipt

An electronic receipt is sent to the customer via email or text message.

Electronic receipts

Receipt Portal

Once a payment has been completed, your customer will receive an electronic receipt via email or text message. It’s the hassle-free, paperless receipting system that’s not only user-friendly but also environmentally friendly.

Truevo mPOS Electronic Receipts
Mobile Payment App Features

App features

The Truevo app is packed full of features to make it easy for you to run your businesses more effectively.

Conveniently manage your account details, search for transactions, issue refunds, withdraw funds and manage general settings such as tax, tipping, language and time zone.

You may also choose to set a supervisor PIN to control what your employees can see and do within the app.

Truevo back office

Merchant Portal

The Truevo Merchant Portal, allows you to conveniently view your transaction history and account balance, update your details and request withdrawals from anywhere, at any time.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprises can now manage a large sales force across multiple stores through one central portal. Our Enterprise Portal makes it easy to manage merchants and sub-merchants, view transactions, adjust user settings and generate reports.

Truevo Merchant Portal

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