Accept online payments on your terms.​

Save yourself unnecessary costs and hassle.  With Truevo, cut out the middleman by receiving a merchant account and a payment gateway.

Accept online payments, on your terms.

Save yourself unnecessary costs and hassle. With Truevo, cut out the middleman by receiving a merchant account and a payment gateway.

Accept 120 currencies

Widen your customer base and allow customers from Budapest to Bombay to pay on your website. Settle your payments in GBP, EUR, or USD – your choice.

Keep track of all your transactions. Automatically.

Monitor online payments day or night with your own Truevo Business Intelligence Portal (BIP). View payment history, give refunds, or process payments manually from within the BIP. Utilise Advanced Reporting Tools to organize the information you want to see most.

Easily integrate to your website

Payment widget

Always wanted to sell through your website? Simply copy and paste our payment widget and you’re ready to accept online payments.
No coding required.


With this integration method, the details cardholders submit on your website are sent from your server to the Truevo system for processing. Since sensitive card data is handled on your server during this process, PCI compliance is required.

Shopping carts

Accept payments through your favourite shopping cart with our easy-to-use plugins. Or, create your own simple shopping cart with our ready-to-use template.

Custom online payment forms

Our responsive checkout form is simple to customise to match the look and feel of your website.  Your customers receive a seamless experience where they never feel like they’ve left your brand.

Automated recurring billing

Offer subscriptions, monthly installments or account payments with recurring billing. Your customers only enter their card details once. Their tokenized cardholder information is stored in Truevo’s PCI compliant data vault and can be re-used automatically to process future transactions. Schedule online payments for specific dates to drastically reduce administration time for you and extra work for your customers.

Safety first

The safety of our merchants and their customers is our first priority.

PCI DSS Compliant

Truevo's online payment services comply with the highest global data protection regulations, keeping you and your money safe.

3D Secure

Authenticate customers with 3D Secure to prevent fraud and provide customers with added security. Watch your conversions increase while providing customers extra protection.

Uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our robust, scalable online payments technology and infrastructure provides multiple layers of backups and redundancy.