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Integrate and accept card payments.

User-friendly payment plugins

Our free payment plugins enable you to accept card payments seamlessly and securely on your ecommerce website.

Secure, hassle-free payment plugins.

Fast setup

Set up card payments, Apple and Google Pay for your business within minutes with easy installation and configuration on your ecommerce store. 

Boost sales and customer satisfaction

Offer customers an uninterrupted payment flow by allowing them to enter their card details on an embedded payment form on your site, improving customer retention.

Improve customer loyalty

With Save Card, customers can save their card details for convenient repeat purchases. Tokenisation safeguards sensitive card data for total peace of mind.

Manage transactions in your backend

Perform full or partial refunds and capture pre-authorised payments from the backend of your website. Perform effortless reconciliation between the backend and your Portal.

Why switch?

Truevo is a licensed acquirer and payment gateway and can provide your business with an end-to-end payment solution.

Accept payments in over 150 currencies across the globe and receive settlements in EUR, GBP, or USD.

You’re in control with access to your customer's data, including transactional and fraud reporting second by second in the easy-to-use Truevo Portal.

Our software engineers are continually developing our payment products and adding new and improved features as suggested by our customers.

We charge a small fee for each card payment you receive. Transparent pricing is based on your unique business profile to ensure the lowest possible rate.

We send you real-time chargeback notifications. If there is a problem, our team will assist you through the process for the fastest possible dispute resolution.

Depending on your risk profile, you could qualify for next-day settlement, giving you swift access to funds and improving your cash flow.

We are committed to you. With access to real people 365 days per year, there will always be someone considerate and helpful, a phone call or message away to help your business grow.

How does it work?​

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to switch to Truevo.

Complete your online application so we can get to know your business and calculate the lowest possible transaction fees based on your business profile.

Once your application is complete and you’ve accepted the merchant agreement, you can download the Truevo Payment Plugin and install it on your ecommerce website.

At this point, you would’ve received an email containing 3 fields that are needed to configure the plugin. Copy the information into the corresponding fields in the plugin settings.

After running a couple of successful test transactions, you can go live and start accepting debit and credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay payments from customers.

Truevo processes more than 100 thousand transactions for businesses every day.

Industry-leading payment security

PCI DSS compliant

Truevo is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, which means that we comply with the highest level of security in the world for businesses that store, transmit, or process card data.

3D Secure

Card authentication via 3D Secure v2 is fully integrated into our online payment flow, adding an additional layer of payment security to protect you and your customers.

Fraud protection

We take online payment fraud very seriously, which is why we actively monitor transactions and chargebacks in real time to keep your ecommerce store safe from fraudsters.

Let’s talk payments

Accepting seamless, secure payments from your customers is a click away.

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