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Apple Pay Available On a Screen Near You

2022 06 27 apple pay ecommerce store
Fast, safe, easy to use and convenient. What’s not to like?

Truevo’s ecommerce merchants will be able to accept payments through Apple Pay from the end of June. Welcome to the age of seamless biometric authentication, speed and ease of use. 

Here’s how it works. The Apple Pay functionality sits inside the user’s wallet, containing their card information. Every time consumers want to pay for something, they choose Apple Pay as an option and voila! A biometric face ID or fingerprint scan authenticates the user’s identity, and the payment happens seamlessly on the Apple Pay interface.  

Truevo merchants can set up Apple Pay as fast as shoppers can use it. All they have to do is enable Apple Pay using the Truevo Portal. Apple Pay is rolling out across all ecommerce Truevo products simultaneously. Apple Pay meets Strong Customer (SCA) requirements, and it’s one of the most secure payment methods available. Apple Pay is available through any of Truevo’s online payment integrations, including Direct API, Payment Widget, Hosted Payment Page and Payment Plugins.

What’s the drawback? Only users with biometric authentication using the Safari browser can utilise Apple Pay. Macbooks and iMacs don’t qualify because users pay with their face ID or thumbprint. 

Hip hip hooray! Let’s Pay!

Mobile users across the UK and EU are over the moon with the arrival of Apple Pay. If you consider the large percentage of the smartphone market that Apple owns, the implications of Apple Pay are vast. Ecommerce businesses can now truly move their focus to mobile, where most Millennials browse for products and services.  Ecommerce stores can accept payments in over 150 currencies using Apple Pay via Truevo. 

If you’re not a Truevo merchant yet, drop us a mail. We can’t wait to join the mobile revolution with you. 

Find out more about our Apple Pay Payment Integration here.

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