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Accept Payments via Google Pay From Your Online Customers With Truevo

2022 08 29 google pay ecommerce store

Truevo merchants can accept payments via Google Pay in their ecommerce stores from 26 September 2022. Revered as one of the safest and most convenient payment methods, Google Pay takes the hassle and worry out of online shopping. 

How Google Pay works

Your customer loads their cards onto their Google Pay Wallets. This allows them to access it online, on their phone or tablet— wherever they browse online. They continue shopping on any website, adding items to their shopping carts. When it comes to checking out, the user will see an option to pay via Google Pay. When they select this option, they confirm the transaction with their bank and the purchase is made. It’s one of the safest payment methods available.

Consumers shopping on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera or on the UCWeb U C Browser will see the Google Pay option. If a shopper uses an unsupported browser, the option of paying via Google Pay will simply not appear. 

Google Pay is simple to enable from the Truevo Portal and is available across our most popular payment integrations. 

Truevo truly has the mobile market covered with the addition of Google Pay for Android and Apple Pay for Apple devices in June this year. If you’re not a Truevo merchant yet, drop us a line. We can’t wait to do payments with you. 

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