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Blog image 970x509px Reviews for travel
Consumer behaviour
Saskia Schuldig

How to build trust for your travel business

We all know that people remember what their friends say about their experience of a brand. They might support or disregard businesses that have treated

Blog image 970x509px 2023 image travel trends
Digital wallets
Saskia Schuldig

Travel trends in 2023

As the world continues to adapt and evolve, so do our travel habits.  We’ve compiled some of the most interesting and relevant travel trends that

AI blog image
Saskia Schuldig

The Role of AI in Payments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing businesses by allowing a combination of technology to perform activities that traditionally require human intelligence. AI is altering how businesses

festive payment trends
Saskia Schuldig

Festive Season Payment Trends

The festive season of 2022 is a time of excitement. Consumers and businesses alike prepare for an influx of payments for festive purchases. With the

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