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Ep15 Dropshipping blog
Saskia Schuldig

Dropshipping. The Man in the Middle

Businesses selling products they’ve never touched, from countries they’ve never visited to people they’ve never met. We peak into

Ep09 customer centric content blog
Consumer behaviour
Saskia Schuldig

Customer Centric Content

TruevoTalks about customer-centric content. We speak to Andy Rogers at Target Transfers, suppliers of heat transfer machines and materials

2022 05 10 top payment podcasts bw
Saskia Schuldig

Top 10 Payments Podcasts

If you want to learn more about payments, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a curated list of fintech and payments podcasts for

2022 05 03 podcast marketing
Customer retention
Saskia Schuldig

Marketing Your Podcast

If you don’t have listeners of your ecommerce podcast, you’re creating content for the birds. We suggest ways to build an audience and grow your

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