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The Best Blogs and Podcasts for Small Business Owners

2021 07 12 podcasts blogs

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There’s nothing like a good story to help you feel less alone. And for millions of entrepreneurs who run their businesses solo, hearing stories of failure and success is an incentive to keep going. We’ve put together a list of podcasts and books that will motivate, inspire, and educate you on your path to growing a small business. Whether you’re in the process of dealing with a disgruntled customer or trying to excel at working from home, somewhere on this list there’ll be an encouraging word for you.  

  1. How I Built This

Join Guy Raz as he delves into the stories behind some of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. Aside from gathering great insights into strategy and ideas, the resounding takeaway from each episode is that there is no simple path to success. Be astounded by the twists, turns, and cliffhanger moments that entrepreneurs faced to get their businesses off the ground. 

     2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Just over ten years ago, John Lee Dumas didn’t know what a podcast was. Uninspired career-wise, he forged his own way into the world of business as an interviewer. On his podcast, new episodes are released daily, featuring conversations with globally respected entrepreneurs and business minds like Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin

     3. StartUp

The StartUp podcast is a gritty look at what it really takes to run a small business. In the first episode, host Alex Blumberg pitches his own business idea to Silicon Valley legend Chris Sacca. Let’s just say, things don’t go well. And in a small business, things often won’t go well. Listen along to get real-world and grounded insight into what you need to do to make your venture thrive. 

     4. The $100 MBA

The $100 MBA podcast is focused on lessons. Drawing straight from the lived experiences of industry experts, host Omar Zenhom delivers punchy, practical, and powerful teachings to anyone interested in growing their business. 

     5. StartupNation

For nearly 20 years, founder Jeff Sloan has lived and breathed all things business. Through the StartupNation podcast, inspiring and educational resources are shared with millions of listeners. Topical and helpful, gain insights into everything from how to leverage TikTok as a marketing tool to securing funding in the Covid-19 era.

  1. Think Business

Powered by the Bank of Ireland, Think Business supports entrepreneurs at every stage of their venture. From startup to HR, Think Business’s blog covers a multitude of topics with informative and relevant tips. 

     2. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing distills the elements of online marketing to their core purpose: to get people to know, like, trust, and do business with you. Dive into SEO, social media, and a whole host of other topics with the seasoned experience of the DTM team. 

     3. Kabbage

The Resource Centre on Kabbage’s online platform is bursting with tools related to the financing of your small business. Learn how to create invoices, reduce stress, and manage cash flow. 

     4. Social Media Today

There’s no getting away from social media as a marketing resource. That’s a great thing! But it does mean that you always have to stay one step ahead to make sure that your voice is heard above the din. With Social Media Today, trends, updates, and strategies to maximise your digital reach are explored and demonstrated. 

     5. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an information powerhouse. He’s written 20 bestselling books, founded the altMBA, and has transformed tens of thousands of career paths through his teaching. The Seth Godin brand has expanded to include courses, seminars, and workshops geared towards making people better leaders and thinkers. 

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