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Subscription billing, a recipe for growth(131KB)
Online payments
Saskia Schuldig

Recurring payments, a recipe for growth

If you want to enhance customer satisfaction, boost retention and drive revenue growth, look no further than personalised billing experiences. By tailoring the billing process

Fraud prevention in online pay Blog image
Online payments
Saskia Schuldig

Fraud prevention in online payments

The big Fake-up call  The speed at which fraudulent transactions mutate across the ecommerce world is frightening. Merchants in Europe, particularly Germany, France and the

Crypto trends and statistics 2023
Saskia Schuldig

Crypto Trends and Statistics 2023

Crypto Trends and Statistics 2023 Cryptocurrency emerged and rapidly evolved. As CoinMarketCap reported in March 2023, there are over 22,932 cryptocurrencies available. Based on this

European CBD market in 2023
Saskia Schuldig

The CBD Market in 2023

CBD Market Growth in Europe Over the past decade, CBD has gone from a virtually unknown acronym to a popular wellness product. The CBD market

Blog image 970x509px Travel and tourism market growth 2
Consumer behaviour
Saskia Schuldig

Travel and Tourism Market Growth and Beyond

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and tourism industry is experiencing a comeback. With the easing of travel restrictions,

Blog image 970x509px 2023 image travel trends
Digital wallets
Saskia Schuldig

Travel trends in 2023

As the world continues to adapt and evolve, so do our travel habits.  We’ve compiled some of the most interesting and relevant travel trends that

Fintech trends 2023
Saskia Schuldig

Key Fintech Trends for 2023

We talked about endless growth not being sustainable last year. As the war in Ukraine enters its second year. Europe adapts to the challenges of

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