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Newgen Payments Integrates with Truevo for New Private Label Product

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Amsterdam and Delhi-based payment gateway, Newgen Payments has announced their partnership with European fintech company, Truevo today. The collaboration offers ISOs and PSPs a cutting-edge plug and play payment product to brand and market through their networks.

Integrating with Truevo was natural as we share a pool of customers already. Also, Truevo is an exceptionally good fit for our larger merchants because of their highly standardised onboarding process. Sizable merchants need quick and uniform signup, and Truevo decidedly provides that.

Sunil Jhamb, Newgen Payments CEO

Truevo is a full-service card acquirer and payment tech company which helps businesses accept card payments in over 150 currencies and receive settlements in the currency of their choice. They are renowned for inventive products like OCT, their push payment solution which sends near-instant payouts to over a billion eligible Mastercard and Visa cards across the globe. The company prides itself on providing easy onboarding, simple integrations, and seamless transacting.

Truevo shares our fast-paced, innovative approach. Companies say it, but it’s clear with Truevo. We integrated in 3 days. Usually, it takes weeks to months with other payment service providers to accomplish that.

Sunil Jhamb, Newgen Payments CEO

Newgen Payments uses a cloud-based platform which ranks all its acquirers using transactions, platform health, performance and historic track record, among others. The company’s focus is on providing a business-partner approach which helps merchants optimise their e-commerce stores and increase sales with dynamic payment gateway features, smart analytics, best-in-class risk analysis, and conversion optimisation features. 

Combining Newgen Payments and Truevo’s product mix allows both companies to offer a best of both worlds private label product for PSP’s and ISO’s. Those desiring an easily branded, powerful e-commerce solution for their merchants have something really powerful through this partnership.

Charles Baudin, Truevo VP of Sales and Partnerships
Truevo Payments
Truevo Payments
Multinational Fintech & EU Acquirer
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