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No hidden fees, no tricks, no monsters under the bed. Scroll through to find the Truevo Account pricing charts for transaction fees, debit card fees, and the lowdown on our monthly fee rebate.


Truevo Account

FREE payments gateway for your online shop
FREE business debit cards
FREE online portal to manage your account

And, the best transaction fees you’ll find


For businesses with a monthly turnover of over £100 000 and/or a unique model, we also offer payment solutions that require customised pricing.

Transaction fees

For all online payments you receive using your Truevo Account payment gateway. Funds are transferred into your Truevo Account on a four-day rolling basis.

Local cards

Cards issued by banks within your country

0.7% + £0.10

EU cards

Cards issued by banks within the EU

1.4% + £0.10

International cards

Cards issued by banks outside the EU

2.8% + £0.10



Settlement fee:


Fraud monitoring:


Truevo also offers bespoke pricing plans for unique and high-volume businesses.

Save more with the Truevo Account

See for yourself how much you’ll save your business with the free Truevo Account.

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Your annual transaction fees will be:

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Compared to others:

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Your fees could be even lower if you use your Truevo Account debit card.

truevo beta debit card

Fee rebate

The more you use your card to make purchases, the more you earn back. We’ll reward you at the end of each month with a fee rebate calculated from the month’s incoming payments vs purchases.

fee rebate pie

For example, if you take £1000 in payments in a month:

Debit card fees

Order free Truevo Account debit cards (in beta testing) for your business.

Free withdrawals


Replacement fee


Exchange rate fee


Card issuing:


Card activation:


Card renewal:


* Thereafter 2% is charged for ATM withdrawals and 1.2% for over-the-counter withdrawals.