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new business debit card

Spend & save

It pays to get this debit card. The more you spend on your card, the less you pay in online transaction fees. If you earn €5 and spend €3 on your debit card, you only pay fees on €2. We’ll pay back the fees you’ve saved at the end of each month.

spend and save

For example, if you earn €1000:

Debit card fees

Order up to 5 Truevo debit cards for your business for free.
Below are the banking fees for using the Truevo business card:

Free Withdrawals


Replacement fee


Exchange rate fee


Card issuing:


Card activation:


Card renewal:


* Thereafter 2% is charged for ATM withdrawals and 1.2% for over-the-counter withdrawals

Transaction fees

For all payments you receive using your Truevo Account payment plugin.

Local cards

Cards issued by banks within your country

€0.10 + 0.7%

EU cards

Cards issued by banks within the EU

€0.10 + 1.0%

International cards

Cards issued by banks outside the EU

€0.10 + 2.8%



Settlement fee:


Fraud monitoring:


The above pricing and fees only apply to businesses on the Truevo Account package. If you are interested in other Truevo products and do not want the Truevo Account, please contact us for custom pricing.

* Terms and conditions apply