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Business Expos and Trade Shows – The Lay of the Land Post-Covid

2022 03 24 business expos trade shows covid

The world came to a standstill and in-person events were taboo for two years. Everybody pivoted towards digital conferences and webinars. Digital marketing campaigns were flying around like there was no tomorrow. Email campaigns. Social media posts. You name it. Anything to stay top of mind in your industry and with consumers. We ask ourselves: “Has the world pivoted towards digital exhibitions, or is there still a place for in-person events?” Put it this way. Have you ever seen clients increase their monthly spending by 100% in response to an email? Are marketers generating the same number of quality leads by hosting a webinar? Not likely. 

Should my business exhibit at a face-to-face trade show?

According to The Wall Street Journal, face-to-face meetings are more effective in creating strong relationships than digital communication is. Nothing beats in-person sales contact. A phone call or email will never fully seal the deal. Or it will take much more effort to use those channels compared to a simple meeting. That’s why it still makes sense to book a stand at a trade show.  Because you can meet new clients and build relationships with current customers. Face-to-Face. 

How many brand names do you remember scrolling through a page of sponsors or exhibitors at a digital event? Compare that to the lasting impression an impressive stand makes, or a conversation you had with one of the sponsors during a break-out session. Traditional trade shows allow attendees to check out their competition and learn about the industry they work in. It also contributes to your brand awareness if customers see you at an expo. 

When is digital better than in person?

The gaming industry put on various digital expos long before Covid happened. Because it works. It gives gamers from all over the world a seat and ticket to the hottest in gaming. If you’re running an ecommerce business in the fashion industry, digital won’t work as well for you. People want to feel and touch the merchandise. Fashion also depends on what other people wear, fashion shows etc. Certain industries are more suited to virtual expos, and others benefit more from in-person expos. 

Upcoming in-person expos

Businesses operating in the retail, ecommerce, technology and banking spaces can look forward to the upcoming Retail Technology Show (RTS) in London from 26-27 April 2022. Aimed at both in-store and online businesses, RTS brings together Europe’s most forward-thinking retailers and tech innovators. The two-day event runs alongside a conference programme featuring inspirational keynotes, retail experts, success stories, practical advice and much more. You’ll gain invaluable ideas and get practical takeaways designed to help you enhance and improve your retail business. The exhibitor list is unfortunately fully booked for the 2022 event but you can either attend in person or virtually. 

Some of the top exhibitors include Mastercard, Amazon UK, MyPos EU and of course Truevo Payments.

If you’re interested in attending the conference, some of the headline speakers include Steven Bartlett founder of social media agency Social Chain (current market evaluation of $600M, Mike Coupe Chairman of New Look and former CEO of Sainsbury’s, Max Gill Amazon EMEA Lead at Amazon and many more

Whether you’re attending in-person or online come and say hello to us at stand no:


If you’d like to book a private session to talk about your needs, please register at Truevo’s RTS page. We can’t wait to share our knowledge, products and a cup of coffee with you. 

Saskia Schuldig
Saskia Schuldig
Content Marketer at Truevo Payments
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Disclaimer: This content has been written for informational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal or business advice.

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