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Changing Lives, One Story at a Time: Luana Attard

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Welcome to quite a different blog series from us at Truevo. Most often, we’re covering topics like business loans or tracking expenses. Not today. You may have seen it online somewhere, but in case you haven’t, our whole company is involved in a donation initiative called Make a Difference. You can read more about what we’re up to here. This post is an amplification of just one of those stories collected from about 100 Truevo employees. Read on to find out more about why Luana Attard, our Head of Payments & Reconciliation, decided to donate to Right 2 Smile, an NGO that partners with developing communities around the world. 

Over to you, Luana. 

I will be giving my donation to Right 2 Smile, a Maltese foundation that is very close to my heart. 

How did you get involved with Right 2 Smile?

It all started in 2014 – a dear friend and I had been thinking about volunteering for a while and the journey led us to a remote village surrounded by mountains called Olasiti in Kenya. This is where we fell in love with the people, the culture and their happiness and joy. After spending one month living with a family in the village, the experience stuck. We went back again – another time to India and back again to Kenya.

What kind of work does Right 2 Smile do in these communities? 

Throughout the years, Right 2 Smile has implemented projects related to education, health, and sustainability. The members of the impacted communities now have better access to healthcare and are given the opportunity to learn new skills. The foundation also funds local schools and its employees, ensuring that kids have a daily meal. Right 2 Smile has partnered with villages in Kenya, India, and Cambodia and has, in past years, also set up youth services in three localities in Malta: Santa Lucija, Marsa, and Valletta.

Right 2 Smile youth projects in Malta are unique, bringing together a combination of a semi-structured youth club coupled with a mentorship programme. The projects are managed by paid staff overseeing all the logistical aspects of the project working hand-in-hand with volunteers serving as mentors to the attending young people. 

What kind of impact does Right 2 Smile make? 

Right 2 Smile believes that through the creation of these projects, the offering of such safe spaces, and the engagement of the young population, young people will have a space to call their own leading to; a reduction in risk factors contributing to an inclination towards a life of risk taking and criminality; and a place where they can find a healthy second family where they belong, thus reducing the need to create their own teen-gangs. The projects in Malta engage over 60 volunteers and 100 youths.

If you would like to learn more about Right 2 Smile and support them with your time or donations, please follow this link

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