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Changing Lives, One Story at a Time: Make a Difference

2021 09 05 MAD

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When it feels like the world’s been flipped on its head (and let’s be honest, it’s more of a reality than a feeling at this point), it’s good to remember that kindness always wins. In the midst of global turmoil and despondency, seeking out joy, compassion, and hope is the antidote. 

At Truevo, we put our hearts into everything we do. And recently, that has meant giving generously and thoughtfully to causes all over the world. We’ve donated €10 300 to 66 organisations (and counting!), trusting that innumerable lives will be impacted positively through our collective giving. Over the next month, we’ll be highlighting just a handful of these stories, shining a light on what makes our team tick. And in so doing, we encourage you to give of what you can to causes that matter to you – whether it’s your time, finances, or social reach. Together, we can all #makeadifference. 

Here’s a taste of what’s to come from our blog series and campaign, which you can read more about here: rescuing animals from neglect, bolstering children’s oncology treatment and support, expanding medical understanding of diseases, supporting survivors of the holocaust, and improving the lives of youths from Malta to Kenya. Our team is made up of culturally and geographically diverse people, and it has been heartwarming to read tender and tenacious stories that back up each cent donated. Payments may be what fill our days, but the causes close to our hearts are what keep us ticking. Stick around this month and get to know us a bit better. 

We can’t close this off without saying a huge thank you to our big-hearted leader, David. He’ll probably squirm when he reads this, but that’s just a marker of who he is: diligently trying to do his best in every arena without a fuss. Without his enormous generosity, none of this would be happening. So, thank you, David, and thank you, Truevo, for equipping this team to change lives for the better.

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