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How Fashion Rentals in the UK Are Challenging How We Think About Shopping


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2021 08 17 fashion rentals2

The days are long gone when we didn’t think about where our clothes came from or who they were made by – every second, one garbage truck’s worth of clothes is wasted. Sustainable and ethical practices are becoming part of daily conversation and thereby, daily consideration. We’ve picked out three fashion rental ecommerce stores in the UK with prominent online presences that exemplify the urgent move towards a greener fashion future. As we all become more conscious and caring shoppers, look to these brands for inspiration.  

Rotaro: Even Cinderella Borrowed Her Dress

Rent from your favourite designers

Rotaro makes it easy to look good (and stylish) all the time – even on a budget. With rentals starting from £9, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to try out a new look or finally get your hands on a dreamy Max Mara satin dress. Rotaro is committed to a circular and sustainable experience: by using a carbon-neutral delivery system, reusable packaging, and eco-friendly laundering, every step of the way is intentionally green-focused. 

Hurr: Swap Clothes With Any Woman in the Country

Lend to and rent from a like-minded community

By opening their wardrobes to each other, the members of the Hurr community have access to thousands of garments from everyday women. Free to join, users pick and choose from hundreds of brands listed under member profiles (great colours, Hanna!). Renting still allows for the kick of wearing luxury items, but minus the guilt and massive expense of buying pieces for each new season. 

COCOON: Sustainability in the Bag

From pouches to purses, rent the right bag for your arm

Running as a subscription service, COCOON offers the taste of a dream. Always wanted a vintage Chanel? Well, now you can have one – for a month at a time. COCOON makes luxurious and legendary designers accessible to women who would otherwise very rarely have the opportunity to sport items of such value. Ranging from £49-£99 a month, COCOON’s tiered membership offering strikes the right balance between exclusivity and aspiration that captures the heart of every fashion devotee. 

Clearly, these brands are hitting the mark in the UK. Through intelligent, on-trend choices, people are becoming more sustainable and ethical when it comes to fashion. It’s stylish to care about the planet and look good while doing so. 

Brands like the ones listed above are part of the reason that our Truevo team is so excited to be launching in the UK. By joining the growing chorus calling for change, innovation, and accountability in the fashion industry, we’re adding our voice to the call for a better world. 

At the core of every business is a visionary, an entrepreneur who dares to dream of more. We are everything for entrepreneurs, from payment gateways to debit cards. On the 16th of August, we’ll be open for signups in the UK. Our latest bright idea is the Truevo Account, a free three-in-one payments solution that contains intuitive tools to help you run your business. What are the three tools, you may be wondering? 

Tool #1

Payment gateway

Our payment gateway allows you to accept payments through your store. Easily installed without the need for a developer, it works seamlessly with any online store powered by WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento.

Tool #2

Debit cards

Get access to your money quickly with your very own business debit card. Settle your accounts and make purchases with your debit card straight from the Truevo Account. As a bonus, the more you spend on your card, the less you pay in online transaction fees – we’ll pay back the fees you’ve saved at the end of each month as a rebate. 

Tool #3

Online portal

Manage your finances with a sleek online portal. See what’s going in and out of your account with a detailed overview. Add or remove team members, change your PIN, and send payouts to your personal bank account with the portal. 

So if you own an ecommerce store that runs on one of the above platforms, we’re already a match made in heaven! As a team run by warm-blooded human beings and not bots and auto-responses, we have nothing but excitement and determination when it comes to rooting for your idea of success. We’re dynamic, knowledgeable, and hungry to see your business thrive. Take it from one of our customers, Wathek Alozdi of Boscombe News, who has this to say about us: 

“I would recommend Truevo to anybody. In fact, I have done so twice already.”

Nice one, Wathek. To be as satisfied as him, stick with Truevo and keep your eyes peeled for our launch on the 16th of August. Here’s a real humdinger for you: the first five signups for the Truevo Account in the UK get free transaction fee processing for three months! That could be you, pal. 

We’ll be covering all things ecommerce and payment-related for the next while on our blog, so be sure to follow us on our social media channels below to learn how to take your online store to the next level. 

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