Top Ten Tips to Prepare for a New Year in Life and Business

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As 2021 draws to a close, we’ve put together ten tips to help you prepare for a new year in your personal and professional life. From practising gratitude to getting real with your finances, we’ve got it all covered. Let’s dive in. 

Reflect on the year that’s passed

Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” There’s much value in thinking about, processing, and reflecting on the year that’s drawing to a close. The slow accumulation of years building on top of each other is a gift, and a great way to see them as something special is to think back to all the good that’s come your way over the last twelve months. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, scroll through your photos from the year and let them prompt you towards reflection. 

Tie up loose ends and make way for something new

Don’t start the new year dragging a whole bunch of unfinished things with you. It’s a basic principle of physics that two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Similarly, you can’t have room for newness in your life and workspace if you’re still clogged up with 2021’s tasks. Try to clear your inbox, respond to lingering messages, pay suppliers, and cancel superfluous subscriptions. 

Say thank you

Brené Brown, emotional health expert, has made a link between joy and practising gratitude. In our lives, there is much to be thankful for, but it doesn’t always seem like it, especially when we’re feeling stressed, tired, and bogged down. Be encouraged to say take a moment to say thank you to different people in your life (family, friends, team mates, and those in your business’s ecosystem) and see the joy that follows. End the year off on a high note and set yourself up for a successful start to 2022. 

Scheduling is your friend

The last thing you want to be thinking about while you’re getting ready for Christmas, family time, and holiday season sales is whether or not you remembered to post that business announcement on Instagram. As far as you can, schedule festive season content ahead of time. Save yourself the hassle and anxiety of posting in real time so that you can focus on what counts. 

Look to the future and set yourself some challenges

Aimlessness is not good for us. Don’t drift on the river of life: set your course and sail. As you finish off this year, cast your mind to 2022 – what do you want to see happen? This can apply to your business and to your personal life. Is there anything that happened this year that you don’t want to see repeated next year? And, conversely, which practices would you like to carry forward? 

Catch up on what slipped through the cracks

It could be that you’ve got a reading list, unanswered emails from friends far away, or business admin that you’ve been putting off. Now’s the time to catch up. Set some time aside to reach out, make contact, and complete tasks. 

Spruce up your workspace

It may be that you’re working from home, or perhaps you work in an industry that requires you to be out in the field even through the pandemic. Either way, there must be a spot dedicated to your work somewhere. As you prepare for a new year, declutter and reorganise your workspace. If you can, consider shifting things around and working somewhere new. Changing seasons affect the amount of sunlight that’s around, so maybe there’s another place in the house that’s warmer at the moment, for instance. 

Review your finances

If financial admin is not your strong point, now’s a great time to sit with your books, expenses, and invoices to do an audit of what’s happening in your 2021 finances. Good preparation includes clarity in all facets of your personal and professional life, so don’t be shy to take a look at the reality of your financial situation. Get help if you need it, make a plan for 2022, and get ready for another year of sales. 


There’s no value in pushing yourself beyond your limits. Proper rest is a crucial part of the holistic health of a person. The end of a year feels like a natural time to take a break, but of course, as a business owner, this is the busiest time of year. So, take this advice and put it in your pocket. Make sure that you factor in time for rest. This applies in small doses too; going to bed at a reasonable hour, spending time away from your phone and in nature instead. 

Get excited

If you see life as one big slog with mountain after mountain to conquer, the prospect of a new year might not seem like something to look forward to, but rather something to be daunted by. Well, we’re here to challenge that perspective. Life is teeming with opportunities for growth, fun, success, and meaning. Find something to get excited about in 2022 and close off this year with the anticipation of something new heading your way. 

Whichever way you look at it, a new year presents new opportunities. Make the most of the freshness, novelty, and excitement of 2022 and ready yourself for the challenges and triumphs that are coming your way.

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