Announcing Something New at SIGMA

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Truevo Payments is exhibiting at SIGMA this year, Europe’s leading iGaming industry gathering.  Join us on November 27th through 29th as we network with 12,500 other delegates and visitors from 80+ countries all interested in what’s happening in iGaming today and in the future.

Truevo is a payments provider with fast, flexible and convenient payment solutions ideal for the iGaming ecosystem.  We support businesses that want to accept Visa and Mastercard payments and receive settlements in the currency of their choice.  

For Operators that send payouts, Truevo’s Original Credit Transfer (OCT) solution is near-instant and enables payouts to over a billion eligible Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards across the globe. Players whose issuing banks support Fast Funds receive payouts in 30 minutes or less.

We understand the balance needed for gaming operators to protect their businesses against fraud and money laundering while at the same time not putting too much pressure and restrictions on players.

Roman Metodiev, VP of iGaming Sales

At SIGMA, Truevo will be announcing something new to the product mix. We’re introducing IBAN accounts.  With Truevo, businesses will have the ability to access funds online and monitor transactions through a European current account. Customers will be able to make transfers and receive funds just like a traditional current account, and transfers between Truevo accounts will be instantaneous. Current Truevo customers will receive payments more quickly and easily than ever before. Talk to us to learn more!


WHERE: MFCC Conference Center, Ta’ Qali, Malta

WHEN: November 27th – 29th


We hope to meet you at this great event where we will be announcing the launch of IBAN accounts.  We can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Want to meet face to face?  Contact our VP of iGaming Sales, Roman Metodiev via  Let’s talk payments!

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