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The Truevo debit card is available when you open a Truevo Account. Just click on this link to apply for yours. Once you’ve been approved, you can order your debit card directly from your Truevo Account Portal. Just click on the “My Cards” tab on the left hand side and place your order. You will need to provide a copy of your ID and proof of address – but don’t worry, they don’t need to be certified. Your FREE card will be delivered to you in 4 to 5 working days.

Great news: you can order up to 5 debit cards on us – that’s right, all 5 are free! When your card is getting close it it’s expiry date we’ll send you a replacement, also completely free.

Yes! You can have up to 5 debit cards linked to your account, so you and your team can start putting business expenses on the Truevo Account.

You can order a card for anyone you want — employees, partners, friends and family. Each person who gets a card will have access to the money in your Truevo Account.

Your card will be delivered in 4 to 5 working days.

We will send your Truevo debit card to you by post. You should receive your card in 4 to 5 working days. Don’t worry, we deactivate your card before sending, so no one will be able to use your card while it’s on its way.

The main account holder, the person who signed up for the account, will be the only person able to order card and will need to do this from within the Truevo Account Portal.

Think you have lost your card? Log into the Truevo Account Portal, navigate to the “My Cards” section and deactivate the card that you have lost. Deactivating your card temporarily renders it useless, meaning that should anyone stumble upon it, they will be unable to spend any of your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer money into your debit card or account. Your card is directly linked to your Truevo Account balance and as long as there is money in your Truevo Account, you will be able to purchase things with your debit card.

Each of your cards have the following limits:

Unfortunately, you are unable to change your card transaction limits at the moment. We are working hard to bring you this feature ASAP!

For your security, we do not post your PIN number, but you will always be able to access it from your Truevo Account Portal. Log into your Portal and navigate to the “My Cards” tab in the main menu. Then, find your card and click on it. You should now see the option to view your PIN.

Should you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times your card will be temporarily blocked. To unblock it please contact us on +44 203 514 3569 (UK) or 1800 851 208 (IE).

Don’t worry, we can block your card until you find it again. If it’s been stolen then we can block it for you. All you have to do is get hold of our support team and they will be able to sort it all out. You can email them on or call them on +44 203 514 3569 (UK) or 1800 851 208 (IE).

We always advise that you freeze your card before blocking it, in case you find it again. After cancelling your card you can go back into your My cards tab and order a new one, please be aware that there is a EUR 5.00 fee for the replacement of lost or stolen cards.

Yay! You’ve found your card! Log into your Truevo Account Portal and navigate to the “My Cards” tab. Click on the card you have just found, and click “Activate”.

You can keep track of all the money you have spent using your card from the “My Balances” tab in your Truevo Account Portal.

Log into your Truevo Account Portal and navigate to the “My Balances” or “My Income” tab and scroll down to the table listing all your transactions. On the top right-hand corner, there is a little download arrow. By clicking on this you will be able to export your transactions in CSV format.

Our support team will have to change this for you. Please contact support at or call them on +44 203 514 3569 or 1800 851 208.

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